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Cycling Photo Gallery

  •  Cycling photo entrevaux-cyclists026b.jpg

    1/15. A cycling club outing on a back country road near Entrevaux in the Var River Valley

  •  Cycling photo cassis-cyclists033b.jpg

    2/15. Weekend cyclists passing a terrace café in the town of Cassis

  •  Cycling photo sault-cyclists0002b.jpg

    3/15. Cyclists near Sault, prior to a climb up the side of Mont Ventoux

  •  Cycling photo casterino-cyclists037b.jpg

    4/15. A group of cyclists ready to start, from Casterino into the Mercantour National Park

  •  Cycling photo sault-cyclists0005b.jpg

    5/15. Cyclists passing through the center of Sault, near Mont Ventoux

  •  Cycling photo st-cezaire-cyclists0008b.jpg

    6/15. Cyclists at village fountain and café in the village of Saint Cézaire-sur-Siagne

  •  Cycling photo lorgues-cyclists065b.jpg

    7/15. A water stop at the ancient village Fountain in Lorgues

  •  Cycling photo calern-cyclist0006b.jpg

    8/15. Mountain bikers in wild lavender on the Plateau de Calern, above Grasse, France

  •  Cycling photo casterino-cyclists062b.jpg

    9/15. Mountain bikers at 2000 m altitude in the Mercantour

  •  Cycling photo barnabe-cycling0002b.jpg

    10/15. Two cyclists in the snowy Col de Vence, Alpes-Maritimes

  •  Cycling photo tdf-y09d0045b.jpg

    11/15. The head of the Peleton passing a Medieval village in the 2009 Tour de France

  •  Cycling photo tdf-y09d0049b.jpg

    12/15. Tour de France peleton head, with the yellow jersey hands-free drinking

  •  Cycling photo tdf-y09d0067b.jpg

    13/15. Center of the main peleton of the 2009 Tour de France

  •  Cycling photo tdf-y09d0109b.jpg

    14/15. A few of the Tour de France support cars with replacement bicycles

  •  Cycling photo tdf-y09a0036b.jpg

    15/15. Bon-Bon vehicles throwing out candy, just ahead of the Tour de France passage

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