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Verdon Route des Crêtes

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The Route des Crêtes is a loop road, starting 1.2 km east of La Palud-sur-Verdon and looping clockwise around to the village. The full loop of 23 km follows the very edge of the northern rim, with some of the most spectacular views of the canyon. There are about ten different lookout sites (bélvèderes) along this route, some with spectacular views.

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Parts of the road are narrow, but much less frequented than the main roads.

Verdon Gorges No EntryNOTE: Part of the loop-road is one-way, in a clockwise direction; you cannot make the full loop if start directly from the village of La Palud. There is no sign or notification. If you start counter-clockwise loop by going south directly from La Palud village, you be surprised by a No Entry sign 8.5 km from the village (600 m past Chalet Maline).

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