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Bories Calern

The Calern Plateau (Plateau de Calern) is the upper plateau of the Caussols-Calern area, in the back country of Grasse, in the department Alpes-Maritimes.
This high, rocky plateau has scored of bories scattered about. Most are small — one-man sized rock huts. There are some larger or more-interesting shapes among them, and many of the bories are built into the walls of a larger, rectangular enclosure.

Borie Calern BaumeNorth [area map] - The Baumettes-North borie is half ruined, missing its top and with the doorway either tumbled in or blocked by fallen stones, but with very thick walls.

Borie Calern BaumeNorth-Broken [area map] - This is a small borie in ruins, between the Baumettes-North borie and the Rockytop Cairn.

 Borie Calern Baumettes photo borie-calern-baumettes0017s.jpg (11 k)Borie Calern Baumettes [area map] - The single-size hut borie, "Baumettes", is located in the Les Baumettes area of the Plateau de Calern, about 2.5 km northwest of the CERGA observatory's Laser dome.

Borie Calern Baumettes-Broken [area map] - Baumette Broken, like the Shelter borie, is an intentionally topless dry-stone shelter, not a true borie.

Borie Calern CergaNW [area map] - Small borie only 250 m NW of the CERGA moon laser, intact but with a messy exterior.

 Borie Calern Funnel photo borie-calern-funnel0013s.jpg (11 k)Borie Calern Funnel [area map] - Funnel borie is in excellent condition, made of nicely fitted stones, and with a pair of angled walls of fitted stone leading like a funnel to the borie's entrance.

Borie Calern Hut-Box [area map] - A completely intact little dome borie at the edge of a grassy doline, with picturesque rectangular enclosure beside.

Borie Calern LaBaume-Topless [area map] - Small borie, intact except for a broken top, on a grassy part of the Plateau de Calern

 Borie Calern Loop photo borie-calern-loop0010s.jpg (11 k)Borie Calern Loop [area map] - Loop boire is half tumbled-down, but in the corner of a thick-walled oval corral enclosure. It sits on the edge of a grassy doline below a hilltop with a small rock cairn (Cairn-A).

Borie Calern Notchside [area map] - "Notchside" borie has an interesting configuration, sitting sideways at the top of a narrow enclosure built into a natural "notch" of the rocks at the edge of a teardrop shaped doline.

Borie Calern Pit-Top [area map] - Nicely shaped borie in good condition, sitting above a spectacular deep pit crossed by a narrow rocky land-bride on the Plateau de Calern.

 Borie Calern Roure photo borie-calern-roure0011s.jpg (11 k)Borie Calern Roure [area map] - Roure borie is a simple dome-shaped borie standing alone at the end of a doline, mostly intact, with just a few of the top-layer stones having fallen off.

Borie Calern Roure-Topless [area map] - This borie is half in ruins, but the leaning doorway is cute and missing top provides a good view of the fitted stone on the interior walls.

• Borie Calern Ruins-Bassin [area map] - Small borie in ruins on a rocky hillside above a doline and below a cairn

• Borie Calern Ruins-Copse [area map] - Low ruin of a small cairn on grassy ground beside a pine copse

• Borie Calern RuinsGR [area map] - Completely ruined little borie built into the stone edge of a doline

Borie Calern Shelter [area map] - The "Shelter" borie on Calern Plateau is an intentionally topless dry-stone shelter, probably making in not a real "borie".

• Borie Calern Twinpeaks [area map] - Nice borie on edge of hill topped by a pair of stone cairns

• Borie Calern Woods-Broken [area map] - Ruins of a fairly large borie, with some inside wall exposed amidst the pile of tumbled stone


An excellent book (in French) about the Provence bories, with photos, maps and architectural drawings is:

Parc Natural Régional du Luberon
Edisud (publisher)
ISBN 2-85744-720-5

For ordering the book, try contacting one of the Luberon organizations.

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