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Terriers Menhirs Photo Gallery

  •  Terriers Menhirs photo terriers0044b.jpg

    1/7. A couple of the Terriers menhirs

  •  Terriers Menhirs photo terriers0004b.jpg

    2/7. Forestry road in to the "Site Mégalithique des Terriers

  •  Terriers Menhirs photo terriers0028b.jpg

    3/7. A view east across the Maures, heading for the Terriers Menhirs - The way come came along the loop of road below, at the right

  •  Terriers Menhirs photo terriers0037b.jpg

    4/7. Site of the Terriers Menhirs - We arrived on the forestry road coming down the hill at the right

  •  Terriers Menhirs photo terriers0038b.jpg

    5/7. The Terriers Menhirs in the Maures

  •  Terriers Menhirs photo terriers0043b.jpg

    6/7. Detail of one of the Terriers Menhirs - The three stone sections were once part of the same menhir

  •  Terriers Menhirs photo terriers0035b.jpg

    7/7. Information panel at the megalithic site of the Terriers Menhirs - A disagreeing observer has scratched out the last name of the prehistorian Philippe Hameau,

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