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Pont Julien Photo Gallery

  •  Pont Julien photo pont-julien096b.jpg

    1/12. Cyclists crossing Pont Julien, taken 31 Aug 1996.

  •  Pont Julien photo pont-julien0026b.jpg

    2/12. Cyclists crossing Pont Julien, Sept 2006, 10 years from our first visit.

  •  Pont Julien photo pont-julien0041b.jpg

    3/12. Cyclists crossing Pont Julien, August 2015, 19 years after our first visit.

  •  Pont Julien photo pont-julien0051b.jpg

    4/12. Roman Pont Julien with lone cyclist stopped for a look around

  •  Pont Julien photo pont-julien0003b.jpg

    5/12. Pont Julien full view, in 2006

  •  Pont Julien photo pont-julien0037b.jpg

    6/12. Roman Pont Julien viewed from the northeast side

  •  Pont Julien photo pont-julien0035b.jpg

    7/12. Roman Pont Julien viewed from the southeast side

  •  Pont Julien photo pont-julien0021b.jpg

    8/12. The Roman Pont Julien arches

  •  Pont Julien photo pont-julien0015b.jpg

    9/12. Pillar detail of the Roman Pont Julien

  •  Pont Julien photo pont-julien0059b.jpg

    10/12. Cyclists crossing the Roman Pont Julien and enjoying the experience

  •  Pont Julien photo pont-julien0006b.jpg

    11/12. The new bridge, viewed from the center of the Roman Pont Julien.

  •  Pont Julien photo domitienne-map-gap0019b.jpg

    12/12. Map of Roman Domitienne Way passing the Pont Julien

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