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Carcès Lake Photo Gallery

  •  Carcès Lake photo carceslake0025b.jpg

    1/14. Lac de Carcès reflected trees and road. Looking across at the eastern shore, from the walking path opposite.

  •  Carcès Lake photo carceslake0022b.jpg

    2/14. Lac de Carcès morning reflections. From the northwestern edge, looking south across to the middle of the lake where it bends behind the sloping trees at the left.

  •  Carcès Lake photo carceslake0021b.jpg

    3/14. Lac de Carcès reflections of trees and red rock. This is a closer view of the right-hand edge of the previous photo.

  •  Carcès Lake photo carceslake0005b.jpg

    4/14. Lac de Carcès, reflections across the lake. Another view looking south across to the middle of the lake where it bends behind the sloping trees at the left.

  •  Carcès Lake photo carceslake0006b.jpg

    5/14. Lac de Carcès, pathway along the east side of the lake.

  •  Carcès Lake photo carceslake0009b.jpg

    6/14. Lac de Carcès, reflections and bending tree.

  •  Carcès Lake photo carceslake0010b.jpg

    7/14. Lac de Carcès, trees along the eastern edge, with the walking path.

  •  Carcès Lake photo carceslake0014b.jpg

    8/14. Lac de Carcès, dead tree and reflections.

  •  Carcès Lake photo carceslake0030b.jpg

    9/14. Lac de Carcès, reflections and trees growing from the water. At the southwestern corner (near the parking area), a bit of marshy shore with the trees growing directly from the water.

  •  Carcès Lake photo carceslakeruins0007b.jpg

    10/14. The ruins near the parking area. This area, under construction, includes some old stone buildings behind, in the trees.

  •  Carcès Lake photo carceslakefish0007b.jpg

    11/14. Lac de Carcès, fishing "camp" on the lake-side path. All of the tents and cots and other equipment we saw was camouflage colored - at least blending in to the scenery.

  •  Carcès Lake photo bfly-leek0002b.jpg

    12/14. Lac de Carcès wildflowers: Wild Leek (with butterfly). These flowers grow on tall, scragly stalks, branching out and looking like weeds from a distance.

  •  Carcès Lake photo leekroundhead0001b.jpg

    13/14. Lac de Carcès wildflowers: Round-Headed Leek (with butterfly).

  •  Carcès Lake photo stonecroppale0003b.jpg

    14/14. Lac de Carcès wildflowers: Pale Stonecrop. To us these flowers look sort of prehistoric, with their strange, redish stalks.

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