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Camargue Photo Gallery

  •  Camargue photo camargue077b.jpg

    1/16. A more modern looking farmhouse in the Camarge, with white horses

  •  Camargue photo camargue0001b.jpg

    2/16. Calm Camargue scene with still water and rushes

  •  Camargue photo camargue0070b.jpg

    3/16. A newer house, in the traditional Camargue style

  •  Camargue photo camargue0050b.jpg

    4/16. Typical working ranch house deep in the Camargue

  •  Camargue photo camargue0077b.jpg

    5/16. Group of horseback riders crossing the Camargue

  •  Camargue photo camargue0006b.jpg

    6/16. A lighthouse on the barren lands of the Camargue

  •  Camargue photo camargue0021b.jpg

    7/16. Fish trap nets over a canal in the midst of the Camargue

  •  Camargue photo camargue-horses091b.jpg

    8/16. Some Camargue whilte horses in open rangeland and a canal for drinking

  •  Camargue photo camargue-bulls0002b.jpg

    9/16. Herd of Camargue black bulls, with even strong trees yielding to the prevailing Mistral winds

  •  Camargue photo camargue-bulls0014b.jpg

    10/16. Camargue black bulls, pawing and ready for the arena (and the photographer)

  •  Camargue photo camargue-salt075b.jpg

    11/16. Mountains of salt at the Salins of the Camargue

  •  Camargue photo camargue0032b.jpg

    12/16. The Bac de Barcarin, small ferry boat crossing the Rhone towards Salin-de-Giraud

  •  Camargue photo flamingo0180b.jpg

    13/16. A small flock of flamingos gliding in the blue skies of the Camargue

  •  Camargue photo heron0030b.jpg

    14/16. Family of grey herons in the tree-top nest at the bird park Pont de Grau in the Camargue

  •  Camargue photo kite-black0017b.jpg

    15/16. A black kite hunting, almost always visible somewhere over the open spaces of the Camargue

  •  Camargue photo camargue0044b.jpg

    16/16. A line of riders touring the Camargue on horseback

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