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Calern Plateau Photo Gallery

  •  Calern Plateau photo calern031b.jpg

    1/17. Astronomy telescope on the Calern Plateau in the Alpes-Maritimes. This "Schmidt" telescope (part of the CERG observatory) is perched on the southern edge of the Plateau de Calern.

  •  Calern Plateau photo calern0020b.jpg

    2/17. Calern Plateau rising to the western heights. Down to the left is Caussols, with Caussols village to the left of the trees (no visible).

  •  Calern Plateau photo calern0025b.jpg

    3/17. Calern Plateau from the western side - A. Looking back towards the observatory area.

  •  Calern Plateau photo calern0032b.jpg

    4/17. Calern Plateau from the western side - B. A wider view back towards the observatory area.

  •  Calern Plateau photo calern0029b.jpg

    5/17. Calern Plateau from the west, with the Caussols Plateau at the right.

  •  Calern Plateau photo calern0039b.jpg

    6/17. Calern Plateau and white clouds in the Alpes-Maritimes. Looking north on a summer day.

  •  Calern Plateau photo calern0049b.jpg

    7/17. Calern Plateau and rock walls. Looking across the Plateau de Caussols towards the east.

  •  Calern Plateau photo calern0050b.jpg

    8/17. Calern Plateau rocky ground. Much of the Plateau de Caussos is covered by this white "calcaire" stone.

  •  Calern Plateau photo calern0051b.jpg

    9/17. Calern Plateau dry-stone huts and pens. The rock walls at the left of the photo end at a dry-stone "borie".

  •  Calern Plateau photo calern0053b.jpg

    10/17. Calern Plateau and more fluffy white clouds, Alpes-Maritimes.

  •  Calern Plateau photo caussolscalern0010b.jpg

    11/17. Hikers on the Plateau de Calern, the CERGA observatory in the distance.

  •  Calern Plateau photo calern0067b.jpg

    12/17. Calern Plateau in the snow, looking east at the CERGA observatory site.

  •  Calern Plateau photo calern0072b.jpg

    13/17. Snow covered Calern Plateau, looking across the plateau north, the Cheiron mountain chain beyond.

  •  Calern Plateau photo calern0074b.jpg

    14/17. Snow covered Calern Plateau, towards the east up to the Summit of Calern (1458 m).

  •  Calern Plateau photo calern0090b.jpg

    15/17. Calern Plateau looking north, a snow-covered bergerie with its stone enclosure.

  •  Calern Plateau photo calern0092b.jpg

    16/17. Cross-country ski tracks acros a snowy Calern Plateau.

  •  Calern Plateau photo calern0107b.jpg

    17/17. Snow and shadows on the Calern Plateau. Looking south; the far ridge is south of the Plateau de Caussols.

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