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Barbegal Aqueduct Photo Gallery

  •  Barbegal Aqueduct photo barbegal-aqueduct0036b.jpg

    1/15. Scale model side view of the Roman Barbegal flour mill complex

  •  Barbegal Aqueduct photo barbegal-aqueduct0004b.jpg

    2/15. Barbegal Roman Aqueduct across the hills southeast of Fontvieille

  •  Barbegal Aqueduct photo barbegal-aqueduct0005b.jpg

    3/15. Detail of the Romans Barbegal Aqueduct

  •  Barbegal Aqueduct photo barbegal-aqueduct0007b.jpg

    4/15. The Romans Barbegal Aqueduct, with ruins of the parallel aqueduct visible

  •  Barbegal Aqueduct photo barbegal-aqueduct073b.jpg

    5/15. Barbegal Roman Aqueduct in the morning light (in 1998)

  •  Barbegal Aqueduct photo barbegal-aqueduct076b.jpg

    6/15. View north at the ridge-top cutting of the Romans Barbegal Aqueduct

  •  Barbegal Aqueduct photo barbegal-aqueduct0032b.jpg

    7/15. Foundation of the double Barbegal Aqueduct as it arrived just above the flour mills

  •  Barbegal Aqueduct photo barbegal-aqueduct0027b.jpg

    8/15. The Roman Barbegal Aqueduct cut through the stone as it arrived at the ridge

  •  Barbegal Aqueduct photo barbegal-aqueduct075b.jpg

    9/15. The Roman Barbegal Aqueduct cutting at the ridge above the mills, our 1998 photo

  •  Barbegal Aqueduct photo barbegal-aqueduct0029b.jpg

    10/15. View south across the fields from the Barbegal Aqueduct cutting at the ridge top

  •  Barbegal Aqueduct photo barbegal-aqueduct0010b.jpg

    11/15. The ridge where the Romans Barbegal Aqueduct arrived at the mills on the hillside

  •  Barbegal Aqueduct photo barbegal-aqueduct0016b.jpg

    12/15. Ruins of the Roman flour mill complex, the Barbegal Aqueduct arrived at the ridge at the left

  •  Barbegal Aqueduct photo barbegal-aqueduct0039b.jpg

    13/15. Top area detail of the Roman Barbegal flour mill complex, scale model in the Arles Antiques Museum

  •  Barbegal Aqueduct photo barbegal-aqueduct0034b.jpg

    14/15. Scale model of the Roman Barbegal flour mill complex, looking north towards the top

  •  Barbegal Aqueduct photo barbegal-aqueduct0008b.jpg

    15/15. Plaque dedicated to Bernand Benoit who revealed the Barbegal Aqueduct ruins

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