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People Photo Gallery

  •  People photo beckett001b.jpg

    1/14. Samuel Beckett

  •  People photo bogarde-dirk001b.jpg

    2/14. Dirk Bogarde

  •  People photo cezanne001b.jpg

    3/14. Self portrait of Paul Cézanne

  •  People photo goodyear-charles001b.jpg

    4/14. Portrait of inventer Charles Goodyear

  •  People photo hemingway002b.jpg

    5/14. Earnest Hemingway

  •  People photo joyce-james001b.jpg

    6/14. James Joyce

  •  People photo lawrence-d-h001b.jpg

    7/14. D. H. Lawrence

  •  People photo mistral-frederique0010b.jpg

    8/14. Frédérique Mistral a bronze statue in the town of Arles

  •  People photo napoleon001b.jpg

    9/14. Napoleon, famous for hiking through Provence - among other things

  •  People photo nostradamus001b.jpg

    10/14. Michael Nostradams, a native son of Saint Rémy-de-Provence

  •  People photo pitot-henri001b.jpg

    11/14. Henri Pitot, from the riverside village of Aramon in Provence

  •  People photo sade-marquis001b.jpg

    12/14. The infamous Marquis de Sade, lord of Lacoste

  •  People photo stevenson-robert001b.jpg

    13/14. Robert Lewis Stevenson, traveled with a donkey through the Cévennes

  •  People photo van-gogh002b.jpg

    14/14. Vincent Van Gogh

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