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Common Stork's-Bill

Erodium cicutarium     Fr: Erodium Bec-de-grue

 Stork's-Bill, Common photo storks-bill0006b.jpg

This hairy annual is very variable. It can be erect, sprawing or prostrate, from low to medium height.

Flowers. Feb-June

Flower. Pinkish-purple, lilac or white, with up to 12 flowers in an umbel. Two petals are much larger than the other three.

Bract. Brownish.

Leaves. Pinnate, with no small leaflets between the main leaves.

Habitat. Garrigue, stony and rocky areas, old walls, roadsides, sand dunes, cultivated and waste ground. We found ours in an open wood in April, at 1000 m altitude.

Fruit. Narrow, pointed "beaks", redish and hairy, up to 40 mm long.

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