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Large Mediterranean Spurge

Euphorbia characias     Fr: Euphorbia characias

This is one of the many species of spurge common to the region. This plant grows in clumps, with stalks about 30-100 cm high. The stems are thick, leafy at the top and reddish-brown and bare at the bottom.

Flowers. Jan-July

Flower. The flower heads at the tops of the stalks are formed of cup-shapes (cyathia) that contain the nectar glands, male flowers, and one female flower.

Leaves. The leaves are blue-green or grey-green, very narrow, and are clustered along the stalk below the flowers. The stems, like other euphorbia, exude a milky latex fluid when cut.

Habitat. Garrigue and maquis, scrub, open woodland and rocky ground.

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