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Long-Spurred Orchid

Orchis longicornu     Fr: Orchis à long éperon

 Orchid, Long-Spurred photo orchid-long-spurred0002b.jpg

Flowers. Feb-Apr

Flower. Born in a lax oblong spike. The petals and sepals are pale violet-pink to white, and form a close helmet about 6 mm long; the lip is about 8 mm long, purplish-violet, 3-lobed, folded back from the center. There are sometimes dark spots along the aple central zone. The spur is 13-15 mm long and upcurved, thickened at the tip, much longer than the lip.

Leaves. Narrow-lanceolate, unspotted leaves mostly in a basal rosette. The stem leaves sheath the step to the toop.

Habitat. Maquis, garrigue, scrup and dry grassy places.

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