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Uzès Museum Photo Gallery

  •  Uzès Museum photo uzes-museum0003b.jpg

    1/11. Entrance to the old Bishop's Palace, now the Borias Museum of Uzès (and district court)

  •  Uzès Museum photo uzes-museum0013b.jpg

    2/11. Uzès Borias Museum archeology room, displays of Gallo-Roman, Iron Age and Fontbouisse periods

  •  Uzès Museum photo uzes-museum0023b.jpg

    3/11. Fontbouisse culture pottery unearthed in La-Capelle-et-Masmolène village, Uzès Borias Museum

  •  Uzès Museum photo uzes-museum0024b.jpg

    4/11. Fontbouisse culture heating-cooking pots from La-Capelle-et-Masmolène village, Uzès Borias Museum

  •  Uzès Museum photo uzes-museum0026b.jpg

    5/11. Model of a Neolithic dwelling, Uzès Borias Museum

  •  Uzès Museum photo uzes-museum0031b.jpg

    6/11. Uzès Borias Museum mammoth cave drawing (copy), from the Baume grotto of Pont du Gard.

  •  Uzès Museum photo uzes-museum0040b.jpg

    7/11. Uzès Borias Museum painting "The Wrestling Match" depicts life in Uzès during the Belle Epoque

  •  Uzès Museum photo uzes-museum0045b.jpg

    8/11. Displays in Uzès Borias Museum Uzès 18th-19th century room

  •  Uzès Museum photo uzes-museum0059b.jpg

    9/11. Uzès Borias Museum pottery room display, St Quentin-la-Poterie 19th century items

  •  Uzès Museum photo uzes-museum0076b.jpg

    10/11. Uzès Borias Museum item in the room dedicated to the Uzès Piichon pottery maker

  •  Uzès Museum photo uzes-museum0005b.jpg

    11/11. Facing out of the Bishop's Palace and Museum entrance, towards Uzès town

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