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Gigondas Photo Gallery

  •  Gigondas photo gigondas0003b.jpg

    1/19. Gigondas village from across the vineyards, the Dentelles peaking above the trees

  •  Gigondas photo gigondas0004b.jpg

    2/19. Gigondas village with the Medieval walls and 11th-century Ste-Catherine church

  •  Gigondas photo gigondas-cafe0005b.jpg

    3/19. Street past the Carré Gourmand restaurant to the main square of Gigondas

  •  Gigondas photo gigondas0063b.jpg

    4/19. Main square of Gigondas, with huge old platan trees and a winery

  •  Gigondas photo gigondas0067b.jpg

    5/19. From the main square of Gigondas you can see the Ste-Catherine church and the Medieval town walls

  •  Gigondas photo gigondas0054b.jpg

    6/19. Place de la Fontaine in Gigondas, of course, has an ancient stone fountain

  •  Gigondas photo gigondas0057b.jpg

    7/19. Ancient stone fountain with oval basin on Place de la Fontaine in Gigondas

  •  Gigondas photo gigondas0018b.jpg

    8/19. This interesting old fountain is on the main square of Gigondas

  •  Gigondas photo gigondas-epicerie0003b.jpg

    9/19. L'Epicerie is general store, café, post office and museum

  •  Gigondas photo gigondas-epicerie0022b.jpg

    10/19. Part of the "museum" component of L'Epicerie that covers all the walls

  •  Gigondas photo gigondas-schoolroom0006b.jpg

    11/19. A century-old schoolroom on display at the cultural center in Gigondas village

  •  Gigondas photo gigondas0071b.jpg

    12/19. This old photo of Gigondas' Ste-Catherine church looks just as it does today

  •  Gigondas photo gigondas0081b.jpg

    13/19. Front of the Ste-Catherine church in Gigondas, unchanged in the last four centuries

  •  Gigondas photo gigondas0075b.jpg

    14/19. Looking west over the roofs of Gigondas towards the Rhone valley

  •  Gigondas photo gigondas-sundial0006b.jpg

    15/19. The ancient sundial on the Ste Catherine Church of Gigondas is the original 18th-century timepiece

  •  Gigondas photo gigondas-lavoir0008b.jpg

    16/19. This ancient 5-spigot fountain feeds the covered lavoir at Gigondas

  •  Gigondas photo st-cosme-chapel0009b.jpg

    17/19. Part of the St-Cosme Chapel, first built in the 11th century

  •  Gigondas photo gigondas-cat0006b.jpg

    18/19. Gigondas village cat behind bars in the town center

  •  Gigondas photo gigondas-horseshoeing0001b.jpg

    19/19. Horse shoeing maintenance beside the St-Cosme Chapel at Gigondas

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