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Cavaillon Photo Gallery

  •  Cavaillon photo cavaillon0114b.jpg

    1/21. St Jacques chapel on top of St Jacques hill overlooking Cavaillon

  •  Cavaillon photo cavaillon0057b.jpg

    2/21. Front of Cavaillon's Roman arc de triomphe; the tourist office is behind at the left

  •  Cavaillon photo cavaillon0058b.jpg

    3/21. Rear of Cavaillon's Roman arc de triomphe, looking out on Place Tourel

  •  Cavaillon photo cavaillon-st-jacques-hike0075b.jpg

    4/21. Cavaillon, viewed from St Jacques hilltop, with the Luberon mountains in the distance

  •  Cavaillon photo cavaillon-st-jacques-hike0051b.jpg

    5/21. St Véran cathedral in the center of Cavaillon, viewed from St Jacques cliff top at the west side of the town

  •  Cavaillon photo cavaillon0074b.jpg

    6/21. South side of St Véran cathedral in the center of Cavaillon

  •  Cavaillon photo st-veran-cavaillon0017b.jpg

    7/21. Cloisters on an inner courtyard of St Véran cathedral in the center of Cavaillon

  •  Cavaillon photo st-veran-cavaillon0144b.jpg

    8/21. Cavaillon's St Véran cathedral has this magnifient double organ, shown here with the organist at work

  •  Cavaillon photo cavaillon0024b.jpg

    9/21. A street in Vieux Cavaillon with trompe l'oeil people and dog, and a real person

  •  Cavaillon photo cavaillon0006b.jpg

    10/21. Colorful entry of the Coté Jardin restaurant in Cavaillon

  •  Cavaillon photo cavaillon0082b.jpg

    11/21. Arched town gate is the 14th-century Port d'Avignon in Cavaillon, at the top end of Cours Gambetta.

  •  Cavaillon photo cavaillon0085b.jpg

    12/21. Cavaillon's 14th-century Port d'Avignon was the north-side town entry, rebuilt in the 18th centry.

  •  Cavaillon photo cavaillon0018b.jpg

    13/21. A wonderful cheese shop in the town of Cavaillon

  •  Cavaillon photo cavaillon0047b.jpg

    14/21. An ancient wall billboard sign in Cavaillon, from a construction company offering reinforced cement

  •  Cavaillon photo cavaillon0063b.jpg

    15/21. This shop on Cours Sadi Carnot in Cavaillon rents electric bicycles

  •  Cavaillon photo cavaillon0073b.jpg

    16/21. Stone gargoyles ringing the tower top of Hotel d'Agar tower in Cavaillon

  •  Cavaillon photo cavaillon-gargoyle0006b.jpg

    17/21. Gargoyle of a toothed dragon on the Hotel d'Agar tower in Cavaillon

  •  Cavaillon photo cavaillon0103b.jpg

    18/21. Some pretty Pastel houses at Cour des Miracles in Cavaillon

  •  Cavaillon photo cavaillon0098b.jpg

    19/21. Ancient office-supply shop signs on the building wall in Cavaillon, with an office supply shop still in business just below

  •  Cavaillon photo cavaillon0016b.jpg

    20/21. A Cavaillon town wall with blue-shutters window, beside an cunningly false window

  •  Cavaillon photo cavaillon-sundial0006b.jpg

    21/21. Ancient stone sundial on the St Véran cathedral in Cavaillon

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