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• Gard (30420)   • Population: 5,269  • Altitude: 50 m

Calvisson is a small village just 18 km southwest of Nîmes, most interesting on Sundays during its weekly market. The Old Town part of Calvisson is moderately interesting for wandering but there aren't many ancient sights to see. • Market day Sun.

There is quite a nice Lavoir in the village, a 10-minute walk northwest from the center, on Chemin du Lavoir (of course).

A wrought-iron campanile is perched on the top of the town hall (mairie), but it's not easily visible from the narrow streets in the village.

An ancient, covered market is located in the heart of the old village, just past the town hall, at the junction of Grand Rue and Rue des Fontaines. It's picturesque, but closed off and apparently only used for special occasions.


Market day: Sun.


• GPS: 43.785604, 4.192926


IGN (1/25,000) #2842 E "Vergèze"

"Vallée du Vidourle, Pays de Sommières", map+info (1:42'000)

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Department 30, Gard Buses

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