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Aramon Village Cats

  •  Aramon Cats photo aramon-cat0014b.jpg

    1/9. Classy cat in shrubby window of Aramon village

  •  Aramon Cats photo aramon-cat0022b.jpg

    2/9. Curious grey Aramon village cat

  •  Aramon Cats photo aramon-cat0026b.jpg

    3/9. Classy creamy village cat on screened window ledge

  •  Aramon Cats photo aramon-cat0027b.jpg

    4/9. Screened calico cat with matching curtain in Aramon village

  •  Aramon Cats photo aramon-cat0030b.jpg

    5/9. Sleek dark grey village cat on an Aramon street

  •  Aramon Cats photo aramon-cat0031b.jpg

    6/9. Grey Aramon village cat posed on dike wall

  •  Aramon Cats photo aramon-cat0033b.jpg

    7/9. Grey Aramon village cat stepping out on dike wall

  •  Aramon Cats photo aramon-cat0051b.jpg

    8/9. Orange tabby Aramon village cat sitting on shelf

  •  Aramon Cats photo aramon-cat0058b.jpg

    9/9. Orange tabby village cat on Aramon cobblestones

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