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Beaucaire Castle

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Southeastern half of the Beaucaire fortress The Château de Beaucaire today is the Medieval fortress hilltop site, with a park and the ruins of the ancient castle, including defensive walls, towers and archeological remains. The park area is lovely and the castle ruins are interesting, and have an incredible view eastward across the Rhône and westward across the town.

The fortress of Beaucaire was one of the largest in France in the Middle Ages. The King Louis IX (Saint Louis) [Kings] rebuilt the fortress in 1229 when France annexed Languedoc into the Kingdom. The castle was destroyed in the 17th century by the order of Richelieu.


Medieval signal tower on the walk The park area and castle grounds are open all year, from 10h to 18h (summer) or 17h (winter). Entry is free.

One entrance is up a broad flight of steps at Place Raimond VII, at the west side of the fortress grounds.

Another entrance is from rue de la République: just before the Place de la République, go through the vaulted passage of Montée du Château and follow this narrow street up to the south end of the park area, past a Medieval signal tower [our photo].

Castle Keep

From the Beaucaire Castle site there's The Beaucaire Castle Keep is at the top of the hill above the park area. There's an additional long flight of steps from the park up to the castle entry [our photo], so this isn't accessible for those with reduced mobility.

The entry passes through an ancient defensive portal at the southeastern end of the castle, where the 13th-century Saint-Louis Chapel remains, largely intact and with a very nice bell tower.

The 13th-century Chapelle Saint-Louis Wooden stairs provide access to the top of the long defensive wall that lines the northwest edge of the fortress, overlooking the Rhône. The from here is unlimited (except by haze), and includes the Tarascon castle just across the river.

Museum Auguste Jacquet

The Musée Auguste Jacquet is located in the southeast corner of the park grounds. This is below the level of the Castle Keep and more easily accessible. The museum is open from April through Sept; closed Oct through March.

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