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Canal du Midi Photo Gallery

  •  Canal du Midi photo canalpontbez0042b.jpg

    1/13. Canal du Midi scene. Approaching the canal-bridge at Béziers. Notice the tall cypress trees along the canal here, rather than the usual platans.

  •  Canal du Midi photo toulouse0005b.jpg

    2/13. Toulouse "Pont-Neuf". Started in 1542, this bridge over the Garonne is made with the rose-colored bircks that give Toulouse its name of "Ville Rose".

  •  Canal du Midi photo castelnaud0023b.jpg

    3/13. Castelnaudry canal locks.

  •  Canal du Midi photo castelnaud0019b.jpg

    4/13. Lock buildings at Castelnaudry. Period buildings from another era - still in use.

  •  Canal du Midi photo carcassonnev0009b.jpg

    5/13. Carcassonne canal locks. These locks and the basin in the background are in the center of Carcassonne town, just in front of the Gare SNCF.

  •  Canal du Midi photo narbonnecanal0013b.jpg

    6/13. Canal locks, Narbonne. These very active locks are in the center of Narbonne.

  •  Canal du Midi photo cdm-malpas0019b.jpg

    7/13. Canal-tunnel of Malpas. The world's first tunnel for a navigational canal.

  •  Canal du Midi photo cdm-colombiers0005b.jpg

    8/13. Canal du Midi at Colombiers. Colombiers marina is at the far bend in the canal, at the left.

  •  Canal du Midi photo fonseranes0003b.jpg

    9/13. 9 Locks of Fonséranes.

  •  Canal du Midi photo canalpontbez0026b.jpg

    10/13. Beziers Canal-bridge, river Orb.

  •  Canal du Midi photo canalpontbez0016b.jpg

    11/13. Canal-bridge at Béziers. The buildings at the left are part of Béziers.

  •  Canal du Midi photo sete0002b.jpg

    12/13. Sète waterfront.

  •  Canal du Midi photo aiguesmortes0049b.jpg

    13/13. Aigues-Mortes Canal du Midi.

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