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Calanques Photo Gallery

  •  Calanques photo cassis0228b.jpg

    1/21. Calanques tour boats moored at the quay in Cassis harbor

  •  Calanques photo calanques012b.jpg

    2/21. En Vau calanque, with beach and sailboats

  •  Calanques photo calanques0107b.jpg

    3/21. Cape Cable shoreline swimming rocks, just before Port-Miou calanque entry

  •  Calanques photo calanques022b.jpg

    4/21. Port-Miou calanque inlet and its miniature harbor

  •  Calanques photo calanques0127b.jpg

    5/21. Port-Miou calanque and a crowd of sailboats at the harbor

  •  Calanques photo calanques0133b.jpg

    6/21. Boat heading out of Port-Miou calanque

  •  Calanques photo calanques028b.jpg

    7/21. Loading structure for quarry stones on the Calanques coast near Port-Miou

  •  Calanques photo calanques0158b.jpg

    8/21. Calanques shoreline up to Pointe de la Cacau

  •  Calanques photo calanques0159b.jpg

    9/21. Port Pin calanque with its small beach

  •  Calanques photo calanques0166b.jpg

    10/21. Boat entering Port Pin calanque

  •  Calanques photo calanques0204b.jpg

    11/21. En Vau calanque, beach and snorkelling

  •  Calanques photo calanques0226b.jpg

    12/21. L'Oule calanque, bowl-shaped cliff of the calanque creek entry

  •  Calanques photo calanques0231b.jpg

    13/21. Devenson calanque cliffs

  •  Calanques photo calanques0240b.jpg

    14/21. Camel rock: Ilot du Dromadaire (west edge of Devenson calanque)

  •  Calanques photo calanques0246b.jpg

    15/21. L'Oeil de Verre calanque, eye indent in cliff top

  •  Calanques photo calanques0250b.jpg

    16/21. Sugiton calanque, Le Torpilleur rock islet in front

  •  Calanques photo calanques0270b.jpg

    17/21. Morgiou calanque, viewed from the sea

  •  Calanques photo calanques0276b.jpg

    18/21. Morgiou calanque protected harbor entry

  •  Calanques photo calanques0278b.jpg

    19/21. Morgiou calanque and its micro village

  •  Calanques photo calanques0315b.jpg

    20/21. Off Pointe de Castel Vieil, looking at Calanque de l'Oule

  •  Calanques photo calanques0316b.jpg

    21/21. Eastward back to the Bay of Cassis

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