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Roman Empire

Chronology of the Roman Empire

Pre-Empire Writers
BC 650-100 Iron Age in southern France
BC 600    Marseille founded
510 Roman Republic established
450 Celtic migrations
390 Celtic Gauls sack rome
218 Hannibal leads Carthaginian army across Provence and the Alps into Italy
120s Transalpine Gaul defined
122 Aix-En-Provence fort established
118 Narbonne colony founded
60 First Triumvirate (Pompey, Crassus and Caesar)
58-50 Gallic Wars; Caesar conquers northern Gaul Julius Caesar (100-44 BC)
49-45 Civil war
49 Siege and capture of Marseille
46 Victory of Caesar
44 Murder of Caesar
43-31 Second Triumvirate (Anthony, Lepidus and Octavian) and Civil War
31 Octavian triumphs at battle of Actium
Early Empire Writers
BC 27 Octavian proclaimed Augustus Strabo (Greek, born 64 BC)
22 Gallia Transalpina renamed Narbonensis
Alpes Maritimae area conquered
AD 14 Augustus dies
14-68 Julio-Claudians (descendants of Augustus)
14-37 Tiberius
37-41 Gaius, known as Caligula
41-54 Claudius
54-68 Nero Lucan (AD 39-65)
68-69 Civil War (Galba, Otho, Vitellius, Vespasian)
69-96 Flavians (Vespasian and his family)
69-79 Vespasian Pliny the Elder (AD 23-79
79-81 Titus Pliny the Younger (AD 62-114
81-96 Domitian
96-180 The adoptives Frontinus (AD 30-104?)
96-98 Nerva
98-117 Trajan Tacitus (AD 56-120s?)
Suetonius (AD 70-130s?)
117-138 Hadrian
138-161 Antoninus Pius
161-180 Marcus Aurelilus
161-169 Lucius Verus and Marcus Aurelilus
180-192 Commodus
192-197 Civil War
193-235 The Severans (Severus and his heirs)
193-211 Septimus Severus
211-217 Caracalla
217-235 Later Severans
235-284 The military men
Frequent civil war and short-lived Emperors
Later Empire Writers
284-305 Diocletian
Creation of smaller provinces in southern France
306-337 Constantine
361-363 Julien "The Apostat" (Flavius Claudius Julianus)
395-423 Honorius Sidonius Apollinaris (AD 430-480)
476 Romulus Augustulus; last Emperor, deposed and spared


    The Roman Remains of Southern France, James Bromwich, Routledge, ISBN 0-415-143586 (an excellent book)

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