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Carpentras Candies

Special Provencal dishes with photos.

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Carpentras is well known for various local delicacies, including the delicious Carpentras Candy hand made in the local shops.

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Here are just a few samples of the artistry from the Clavel shop, on 30 rue Porte d'Orange in Carpentras. Whatever these may look like, they're all candies. Clavel is a specialist in Carpentras candies and berlingots (a hard caramel candy), in the town that's famous for them.

photo photo Le Craquelin de Carpentras

Truffes au Gand Marnier
photo photo Cheese tray (with mouse)

Olives and Amphora
photo photo Cheese-Bread Spread

Garden Basket
photo Right end: Chocolat Lavande
Top row: Chocolate Pistache; La Nougatin de Provence; Chocolat aux Amandes
Bottom: Chocolat au lait Noisettes; Chocolat Mi-Amer à l'Orange confite

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