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Tassel Hyacinth

Muscari comosum     Fr: Muscari à Toupet

 Hyacinth, Tassel photo hyacinth-tassel0004b.jpg

A very distinctive plant, with a purple or deep-blue top tassle of infertile flowers with long stalks. The open "tassle" flower-head is often over 20 cm long. the bulbs are sometimes collected and sold in local markets for eating. Often grown in gardens.

Flowers. Mar-May

Flower. The fertile flowers are brown tubes with yellowish teeth or mouth around the opening. The infertile flowers of the tassel top are on upswept stalks.

Leaves. From 3 to 5 linear, channelled leaves from the base, shorter than the stalks (to 40 cm).

Habitat. Grassy areas, banks, roadsides, scrub ground, olive groves and vineyards.

Pod. The fruit is a 3-valved capsule, up to 15 mm long.

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