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Etruscan Honeysuckle

Lonicera etrusca     Fr: Chèvrefeuille d'Etrurie

 Honeysuckle, Etruscan photo honeysuckle-etruscan040b.jpg

These fragrant flowers grow on a climbing bush that can reach up to 5 m high. The stems are woody and multi-branched, and the plant is usually entwined around and over nearby vegetation.

Flowers. May-July

Flower. he flowers are long narrow red tubes radiating from stalked heads (redder and more of an end-group than the Lonicera implexa). The tubes are 2-lipped, with the upper lip divided into 4 lobes. Red berries grow in small clusters.

Leaves. Spoon-shaped ovals (longer, narrower and more separate than the Lonicera implexa). The upper leaves are stemless, and joined at the base.

Habitat. Maquis, garrigue, scrub, open woodlands and roadsides.

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