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Broad-leaved Harebell

Campanula rhomboidalis     Fr: Campanule rhomboïdale

 Harebell, Broad-leaved photo harebell-broad0057b.jpg

A a few blue-purple bells are usually grouped at the end of a long, thin stem.

Flowers. May-Oct

Altitude. 1600 m

Flower. Fairly large bell, often drooping, The ones in our photos were about 30 mm long.

Habitat. Woods and fields, mountain and sub-Alpine. Likes the shade.


Campanula rotundifolia
Harebell. Fr: Clochette
Flowers: July-Sept; Plant: 10-40 cm; Flower: 12-20 mm long. Buds erect rather than drooping. Leaves: basal leaves round, stemmed, dry during flowering time. Altitude: 2200 m max.

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