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Adenostyles Leucophylla

Adenostyles leucophylla; Cacalia leucophylla     Fr: Adénostyle à feuilles blanches

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Low plants with very large greyish leaves; actually cottony and covered with a white down. The flowers grow in a cluster (inflorescence), standing higher than the leaves, to about 50 or 60 cm.
In the Alpes we have them between 1800 and 3100 m altitude, flowering July-Aug. In the department of Alpes-Haute-Provence, between 2000 and 2600 m, June-Sept.

Flowers. June-Sept

Tall. Short - Med

Altitude. 1800-3100 m


Adenostyules alliariae; A. albifrons
plants to 2 m; leaves very notched. Alt: 2700 m max; July-Aug

Adenostyules alpina
Fr: Adénostyle des Alpes
Identical to the above, but upper leaves stemmed.

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