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International Calls To France:

"33" is the international code for "France".
Drop the "0" from the beginning of the 10-digit phone number. In these examples the same number is shown three different ways:

  example: 04 94 77 88 99 dial 33 494 77 88 99
  example: (33) 04 94 77 88 99 dial 33 494 77 88 99
  example: (33) 494 77 88 99 dial 33 494 77 88 99

International Calls From Within France

Dial "00" for international, followed by the country code and then the number.

Telephoning Monaco (Monte-Carlo)

Monaco is considered a foreign country for telephoning. From within France, dial "00" for international, followed by "377" for Monaco.

0800 Free Numbers and Expensive Numbers

0800 numbers are free ("numéro vert" - green number), but not all 08xx numbers are free. There's somewhat of a scandal in France about the use of the more expensive of these numbers for support/call-center calls, including France Telecom, where users are charged while waiting for a response, waiting on hold, and waiting indefinitely until you have to call again and start the expensive procedure all over again. It's bandied about that some of the abusers make more profit on the telephone charges for their call centers than they do on their main products. French laws should be coming along soon (2005) to correct this very public problem. Here's a review of these special numbers.

0800 xxx xxx
0805 xxx xxx
0809 xxx xxx
0819 xxx xxx
free Numéro Vert Free from a land line; normal rates apply from a mobile phone.
0810 xxx xxx
0811 xxx xxx
local-call price Numéro Azur Local call price from a land line; mobile calls vary by operator (up to 0.46 euro/min by Orange
0820 20x xxx
0820 22x xxx
0.09 euro/min Numéro Indigo indigo number
0820 others
0821 xxx xxx
0.12 euro/min Numéro Indigo Applies to calls from mobile phone. Minimum charge is 60 seconds.
0825 xxx xxx 0.15 euro/min Numéro Indigo Applies to calls from mobile phone. Minimum charge is 45 seconds.
089x xxx xxx 0.15 - 1.20 euro/min Audiotel number For internet online services, payments; vary according to the service.

The Phone-Number Change

In October 1996, all French phone numbers changed to a 10-digit (internal) system. (Externally, the "33" country-code plus 9 digits.) The old division between Paris and the "rest of France", where you dialed 16 to get a second dial tone, was eliminated.

The first digits of the phone number indicate a section of France:
01 - for Paris numbers
02 - for the northwest of France
03 - for the northeast of France
04 - for the southeast and Corsica
05 - for the southwest of France

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