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This page was contributed by Dan Maynard of WineRackButler, April 2008.

Even though wine prices may vary significantly from day to day and even from store to store, that doesn't mean that you should be stuck paying more than you need to for your wine, so the question remains, where can I buy wine online [winerackbutler]? Where can I compare prices so I don't pay too much?. One of the easiest ways to ensure that you have the lowest price is to purchase your wine online and to use a wine price comparison search engine.

Wine price comparison search engines work much like the search engines for any other type of product. Simply type in the name or keyword for the type of wine you would like to purchase (the more specific the better) and it will bring up a large array of results and where to purchase the results at.

Two of the most powerful wine search engine price comparison tools are found at and at After typing in your search criteria, each website will provide you with a list of where to purchase that particular type of wine. Also included are links to the retailer's site, the price of the wine at that retailer, and the bottle size that the price is based off of. WineZap's site also has links to reviews of that particular wine as well.

When using these price comparison tools, make sure to think carefully about how much you will actually spend on a wine. For example, even if the wine's price is around $20, you could easily end up spending almost that much on shipping, handling, and other credit card processing fees.

Another way to save money online is to search and compare wine coupons. Many online retailers offer coupons for discounts on particular types of wine. If you are using an online wine coupon, make sure to judge the final wine's price after factoring in the coupon and shipping and handling.

Whether you are looking to purchase a trusted brand of wine online and want to compare prices or if you are searching for a new wine, read a great review, and simply want to see how much that wine actually costs, comparing wine prices online has never been easier. Just use the wine price comparison search engines (like those mentioned above), and you will be saving money in no time.

About the author: Dan Maynard is an accomplished pianist, marketer and writer. He maintains a wine information site where you can find information that answer your questions such as where can I buy wine online [winerackbutler], how do I find the right retail wine rack [retail wine rack] and gourmet wine basket [gourmet wine basket] -- all valuable buying tips.