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Vigan Photo Gallery

  •  Vigan photo vigan0032b.jpg

    1/16. The clock tower and campanile in the center of Le Vigan

  •  Vigan photo vigan0017b.jpg

    2/16. Terrace café, early morning, in the center of Le Vigan

  •  Vigan photo vigan0010b.jpg

    3/16. Cinema buffs a the Le Vigan movie theater

  •  Vigan photo vigan0071b.jpg

    4/16. An ancient doorway in the town of Le Vigan

  •  Vigan photo vigan0026b.jpg

    5/16. Le Vigan's picturesque old bridge

  •  Vigan photo vigan0035b.jpg

    6/16. Double arches of the old stone bridge in Le Vigan

  •  Vigan photo cevenol-museum-vigan0007b.jpg

    7/16. Upstream side of the old bridge in Le Vigan

  •  Vigan photo vigan0043b.jpg

    8/16. Roadway crossing Le Vigan's old bridge

  •  Vigan photo vigan0049b.jpg

    9/16. This old silk mill on the banks of the river in Le Vigan is now the Cevenol museum

  •  Vigan photo cevenol-museum-vigan0004b.jpg

    10/16. The old bridge of Le Vigan viewed from the garden of the Cevenol Museum

  •  Vigan photo vigan0064b.jpg

    11/16. Le Vigan hiking signs directing you to the trail beside the river

  •  Vigan photo vigan0072b.jpg

    12/16. Riverside path at Le Vigan, with a spillway at the left

  •  Vigan photo vigan0077b.jpg

    13/16. This was once a mill, on the river beside Le Vigan

  •  Vigan photo vigan0126b.jpg

    14/16. A picturesque dam on the Arre river, upstream from Le Vigan

  •  Vigan photo vigan0143b.jpg

    15/16. A three-arched stone bridge a couple of kilometers upstream from Le Vigan

  •  Vigan photo assas-chateau-vigan0005b.jpg

    16/16. The Assas Chateau on its private park in the center of Le Vigan

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