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Venasque Photo Gallery

  •  Venasque photo venasque0067b.jpg

    1/15. Church and houses at the end of Venasque village, with the far hills of Mont Ventoux

  •  Venasque photo venasque-cyclists0008b.jpg

    2/15. Some cyclists riding into Venasque or Rue de l'Eglise

  •  Venasque photo venasque0072b.jpg

    3/15. Venasque Place de l'Eglise and the 13th-century Eglise Notre-Dame

  •  Venasque photo venasque053b.jpg

    4/15. The 18th-century fountain in Venasque, looking up the north end of Rue Grande

  •  Venasque photo venasque055b.jpg

    5/15. Place de la fountaine and 18th-century fountain at a quiet time in Venasque

  •  Venasque photo venasque0041b.jpg

    6/15. Sculpted and worn old doorway on Rue de l'Hopital in Venasque

  •  Venasque photo venasque0023b.jpg

    7/15. Medieval over-the-street dwelling in Venasque

  •  Venasque photo venasque056b.jpg

    8/15. Blue Shutters house in the village of Venasque

  •  Venasque photo venasque0007b.jpg

    9/15. Two towers of the Venasque Chateau, on the town side

  •  Venasque photo venasque049b.jpg

    10/15. Mid-day game of pétanque and ancient walls of Venasque (our photo from 1996)

  •  Venasque photo venasque057b.jpg

    11/15. An 1871 stone fountain in Venasque villagee, with Mont Ventoux in the distance

  •  Venasque photo venasque0056b.jpg

    12/15. Ancient sculpted stone window arch, opposite the 1871 fountain on Grande Rue in Venasque

  •  Venasque photo venasque0077b.jpg

    13/15. Vaulted portal entry on the South side of Venasque, with a covered lavoir at the lower left

  •  Venasque photo venasque0084b.jpg

    14/15. Interior of the covered lavoir in Venasque, with steps up to Grand Rue

  •  Venasque photo venasque-cat0001b.jpg

    15/15. A Venasque village cat

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