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Venanson Hike Photo Gallery

  •  Venanson Hike photo venanson-hike0002b.jpg

    1/11. Trail departing Venanson village, main square.

  •  Venanson Hike photo venanson-hike0007b.jpg

    2/11. Hiker going down through Venanson village, local canine heading up.

  •  Venanson Hike photo venanson-hike0010b.jpg

    3/11. Ancient paved road descending southwest from Venanson village. Nearing the end of the far road, the trail goes down to the left at signpost #45

  •  Venanson Hike photo venanson-hike0018b.jpg

    4/11. Venanson attack-cat. After being petted, the young cat stalked us, 'attacking' several times.

  •  Venanson Hike photo venanson-hike0032b.jpg

    5/11. Ancient stone bridge at the Old Mill, below Venanson.

  •  Venanson Hike photo venanson-hike0052b.jpg

    6/11. Shady trail south of Venanson. About to turn left at #43, for the eastward traverse of the mountainside.

  •  Venanson Hike photo venanson-hike0065b.jpg

    7/11. Fresh water and an outbuilding at Le Libaret forestry site.

  •  Venanson Hike photo venanson-hike0078b.jpg

    8/11. Monochrome trail in the deep forest shade near Venanson.

  •  Venanson Hike photo venanson-hike0087b.jpg

    9/11. Signpost #41b, low point and farthest out on the Venanson hike.

  •  Venanson Hike photo venanson-hike0112b.jpg

    10/11. Hiker returning to Venanson. Apples are bright red, but not yet ripe.

  •  Venanson Hike photo venanson-hike-map.jpg

    11/11. Hiking Map Venanson village, southeast loop.

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