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Vauvenargues Photo Gallery

  •  Vauvenargues photo vauvenargues-chateau0018b.jpg

    1/13. Vauvenargues Castle northwest corner - With a backdrop of the Sainte-Victoire mountain range

  •  Vauvenargues photo vauvenargues-chateau0022b.jpg

    2/13. Vauvenargues Castle northwest corner, closeup

  •  Vauvenargues photo vauvenargues-chateau0003b.jpg

    3/13. Vauvenargues Castle northeast corner - The peak behind is the top of the Montagne Sainte-Victoire

  •  Vauvenargues photo vauvenargues-chateau0002b.jpg

    4/13. Vauvenargues Castle northeast corner, closeup

  •  Vauvenargues photo vauvenargues0021b.jpg

    5/13. Vauvenargues village panorama, east - Looking east, the village is stretched out in a single line, with the castle off to the south side

  •  Vauvenargues photo vauvenargues0026b.jpg

    6/13. Vauvenargues village opposite the Chateau de Vauvenargues

  •  Vauvenargues photo vauvenargues0047b.jpg

    7/13. Vauvenargues village panorama, west - Looking west, from near the Chateau entrance street

  •  Vauvenargues photo vauvenargues0005b.jpg

    8/13. Vauvenargues 'centre-ville' - This is more or less the center of the village, looking west

  •  Vauvenargues photo vauvenargues0010b.jpg

    9/13. Vauvenargues petanque court terraces - Looking west, near the west end of the village; the town hall building ahead

  •  Vauvenargues photo vauvenargues0013b.jpg

    10/13. Vauvenargues village, western end - This restaurant was still closed for the winter, the notice reading Closed 12 Dec to early Feb (no date)

  •  Vauvenargues photo vauvenargues0017b.jpg

    11/13. Vauvenargues town hall, school and post office

  •  Vauvenargues photo vauvenargues0046b.jpg

    12/13. Vauvenargues blue shutters - This house is on the short side street leading to the Castle main gate

  •  Vauvenargues photo vauvenargues0037b.jpg

    13/13. Vauvenargues village, east - Looking east from near the center of the village

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