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Varages Photo Gallery

  •  Varages photo varages0045b.jpg

    1/19. The Fontaine des Quatre Saisons and a 100-year-old lime tree on the Place de la IVeme République in Varages

  •  Varages photo varages0198b.jpg

    2/19. Place de la Libération in the center of Varages, with fountain and terrace café

  •  Varages photo varages0031b.jpg

    3/19. Varages' 17th-century Notre-Dame de Nazareth church, built on the site of the 11th-century church

  •  Varages photo varages0038b.jpg

    4/19. An ocre orange house with blue shutters on Place de Nans in Varages

  •  Varages photo varages0074b.jpg

    5/19. Rue Lamartine in Varages

  •  Varages photo varages0081b.jpg

    6/19. A Varages street with ocre houses, stone walls and neat paving tiles

  •  Varages photo varages0104b.jpg

    7/19. Place Médecin Arlaud in Varages, with fountain and a bust of M. Arlaud

  •  Varages photo varages0121b.jpg

    8/19. Shops along Rue de la Paix, the main street in the center of Varages

  •  Varages photo varages0192b.jpg

    9/19. A nicely decorated house on the main street in the center of Varages

  •  Varages photo varages0019b.jpg

    10/19. A small canal running along Rue Jean de la Fontain in Varages

  •  Varages photo varages0027b.jpg

    11/19. A 19th-century lavoir in Varages, still being used in the 21st century

  •  Varages photo varages0163b.jpg

    12/19. 19th-century canal and lavoir on Rue de la Source in Varages

  •  Varages photo varages0171b.jpg

    13/19. Washer women at the canal lavoir, from an image on the information plaque in Varages

  •  Varages photo varages0089b.jpg

    14/19. A view across the south edge of Varages

  •  Varages photo varages0053b.jpg

    15/19. Bright flowers at the top of the Descente des Moulins street that descends into the valley on the south side of Varages

  •  Varages photo varages0015b.jpg

    16/19. Waterfall in a dark grotto part way down the Descente des Moulins in Varages

  •  Varages photo varages0108b.jpg

    17/19. Blue shutters and red flowers in Varages

  •  Varages photo varages0180b.jpg

    18/19. A row of large, old plane trees on Avenue de la Foux in Varages

  •  Varages photo varages0082b.jpg

    19/19. St-Phothin Chapel on the hill top across the valley southwest of Varages

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