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Valréas Photo Gallery

  •  Valréas photo valreas0036.jpg

    1/15. 12th century church in Valréas - Notre-Dame-de-Nazareth, 12th-13th century, viewed from Rue des Clastres.

  •  Valréas photo valreas0001.jpg

    2/15. Vaulted Valréas village streets at night.

  •  Valréas photo valreas0007.jpg

    3/15. Valréas step-street at night, with watcher.

  •  Valréas photo valreas0020.jpg

    4/15. Valréas vaulted passage. Rue des Soustets, off the Grande Rue.

  •  Valréas photo valreas0022.jpg

    5/15. Valréas medieval buildings. An arched passage on Grande Rue.

  •  Valréas photo valreas0027.jpg

    6/15. Le Couvent des Cordeliers inValréas - On Rue du Berteuil; the renovated bell tower visible behind.

  •  Valréas photo valreas0074.jpg

    7/15. Valréas bell tower, sundials, campanile. The renovated tower, in 2005.

  •  Valréas photo valreas077.jpg

    8/15. Valréas bell tower, sundials, without campanile. The tower in 1997; some of the character was lost with its slick renovation that hides the stonework.

  •  Valréas photo valreas0029.jpg

    9/15. Early morning shops in Valréas - The "Pain d'Antan" translates to "Bread of the olden days"

  •  Valréas photo valreas0032.jpg

    10/15. Valréas ancient stone doorway. Number 15 Rue du Berteuil.

  •  Valréas photo valreas0048.jpg

    11/15. Valréas arched stone doorway. Rue Louis Pasteur (walking shopping street)

  •  Valréas photo valreas0046.jpg

    12/15. Green arch doorway and guards in Valréas - A mighty fine old doorway now on a modern shop on Rue Louis Pasteur.

  •  Valréas photo valreas0055.jpg

    13/15. Valréas stone fountain.

  •  Valréas photo valreas0063.jpg

    14/15. Valréas' Tour de Tivoli.

  •  Valréas photo valreas078.jpg

    15/15. Chateau de Simiane, graced with Cesar's Thumb; 1997.

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