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Valliguières Photo Gallery

  •  Valliguières photo valliguieres0007b.jpg

    1/20. Valliguières' town hall (mairie) and school, with the church behind

  •  Valliguières photo valliguieres0073b.jpg

    2/20. Main road through Valliguières with bakery, the main square and the ancient stage-stop at the right.

  •  Valliguières photo valliguieres0019b.jpg

    3/20. The Valliguières chateau is visible behind the village caé-restaurant

  •  Valliguières photo valliguieres0032b.jpg

    4/20. The large village fountain in the main square of Valliguières

  •  Valliguières photo valliguieres0071b.jpg

    5/20. Iron silhouette sign for the ancient stage-stop inn at Valliguières

  •  Valliguières photo valliguieres0101b.jpg

    6/20. The Valliguières chateau and entry portal, with an old fountain in the foreground

  •  Valliguières photo valliguieres0014b.jpg

    7/20. Elaborate campanile and clock on the front of the Valliguières chateau tower

  •  Valliguières photo valliguieres0076b.jpg

    8/20. Valliguières's chateau tower campanile has another clock on the entry side

  •  Valliguières photo valliguieres0081b.jpg

    9/20. Vaulted passage through the main entry of the Valliguières chateau

  •  Valliguières photo valliguieres0093b.jpg

    10/20. Narrow, vaulted passage in the medieval chateau area of Valliguières

  •  Valliguières photo valliguieres0082b.jpg

    11/20. Medieval part of Valliguières inside the chateau walls

  •  Valliguières photo valliguieres0086b.jpg

    12/20. Street view towards the rear of Valliguières' medieval area "inside" the chateau

  •  Valliguières photo valliguieres0087b.jpg

    13/20. Side street in the medieval chateau area of Valliguières

  •  Valliguières photo valliguieres0105b.jpg

    14/20. Fountain basin in front of the chateau of Valliguières

  •  Valliguières photo valliguieres0116b.jpg

    15/20. Trompe l'oeille window cat confronting a stone bird in the village of Valliguières

  •  Valliguières photo valliguieres-visit0038b.jpg

    16/20. Arched room and fireplace inside a private part of the old Valliguières chateau

  •  Valliguières photo valliguieres-visit0017b.jpg

    17/20. Bibliotheque room inside a private part of the old Valliguières chateau

  •  Valliguières photo valliguieres-canal0013b.jpg

    18/20. The 12th-century irrigation canal enters Valliguières from the vineyards and garden plots to the north of the village

  •  Valliguières photo valliguieres-canal0016b.jpg

    19/20. Roman stones used in the little 12th-century irrigation canal at Valliguières

  •  Valliguières photo valliguieres0111b.jpg

    20/20. Several hiking signposts around the village of Valliguières make local hiking easy

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