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Valensole Photo Gallery

  •  Valensole photo valensole0003b.jpg

    1/13. The road to Valensole... at the south, from Gréoux-les-Bains. A covered lavoir and fountain are at the far end of the road; the large Villa La Louisia at the left is a chambre de Hôte.

  •  Valensole photo valensole0009b.jpg

    2/13. Lavoir, cyclists. Looking back to the south from the lavoir.

  •  Valensole photo valensole0050b.jpg

    3/13. Eglise across the town roofs. That's the 13th-c St-Blaise with its 18th-c campanile at the top.

  •  Valensole photo valensole0012b.jpg

    4/13. Grande rue flea market. One small part.

  •  Valensole photo valensole0063b.jpg

    5/13. Flea market on lower Grande rue.

  •  Valensole photo valensole0042b.jpg

    6/13. Central ville fountain, flea market. The central lavoir is under the tile roof directly behind the fountain; the office de tourisme is behind the yellow umbrella.

  •  Valensole photo valensole0029b.jpg

    7/13. Mini carousel (manège). Notice the unified pedal power and music system.

  •  Valensole photo valensole0040b.jpg

    8/13. Patient customers.

  •  Valensole photo valensole0045b.jpg

    9/13. Street scene with vines.

  •  Valensole photo valensole0069b.jpg

    10/13. Grande rue through an arch.

  •  Valensole photo valensole020b.jpg

    11/13. The central fountain. On a non-market day.

  •  Valensole photo valensole0024b.jpg

    12/13. Central lavoir.

  •  Valensole photo valensole0086b.jpg

    13/13. Sundial.

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