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Vacquerie-St-Martin Photo Gallery

  •  Vacquerie-St-Martin photo vacquerie-stm0036b.jpg

    1/12. La Vacquerie-St-Martin nestled in a shallow valley.

  •  Vacquerie-St-Martin photo vacquerie-stm0035b.jpg

    2/12. La Vacquerie-St-Martin and the low hills to the northwest.

  •  Vacquerie-St-Martin photo vacquerie-stm0014b.jpg

    3/12. Looking north across La Vacquerie-St-Martin. The far mountains are the site of the Gorges de la Vis and the Cirque de Navacelles.

  •  Vacquerie-St-Martin photo vacquerie-stm0024b.jpg

    4/12. La Vacquerie-St-Martin village interior.

  •  Vacquerie-St-Martin photo vacquerie-stm0025b.jpg

    5/12. Arches and stone balcony pillars in La Vacquerie-St-Martin.

  •  Vacquerie-St-Martin photo vacquerie-stm0001b.jpg

    6/12. Café de Paris in La Vacquerie-St-Martin. Long gone, but still picturesque. This was one of many cafés in the village at the end of the 19th century.

  •  Vacquerie-St-Martin photo vacquerie-stm0005b.jpg

    7/12. A large farmhouse in La Vacquerie-St-Martin village.

  •  Vacquerie-St-Martin photo vacquerie-stm0010b.jpg

    8/12. Great motorcycle roads at La Vacquerie-St-Martin.

  •  Vacquerie-St-Martin photo vacquerie-stm0041b.jpg

    9/12. An ancient water source at La Vacquerie-St-Martin. An information panel explains (in French) the old system of water, called "les lavognes".

  •  Vacquerie-St-Martin photo ferrussac1dolmen0008b.jpg

    10/12. One of the Ferrussac dolmens, near La Vacquerie-St-Martin.

  •  Vacquerie-St-Martin photo vacquerie-stm0019b.jpg

    11/12. Hiking trail marks in La Vacquerie-St-Martin. Red-white for Grand Randonees (GR); yellow-red for local trails, and double-donkeys for the donkey route.

  •  Vacquerie-St-Martin photo vacquerie-stm0020b.jpg

    12/12. More hiking trail marks in La Vacquerie-St-Martin. The sign is by a local guide for organized hiking with donkeys.

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