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Uzès Photo Gallery

  •  Uzès photo uzes0007b.jpg

    1/16. Arcade beside the Place aux Herbes in Uzès.

  •  Uzès photo uzes0020b.jpg

    2/16. 11th-c St-Théodorit Cathedral and Fenestrelle Tower in Uzès.

  •  Uzès photo uzes0023b.jpg

    3/16. Uzès' Fenestrelle Tower, 12th-c bell-tower.

  •  Uzès photo uzes0041b.jpg

    4/16. Terrace cafés on the Place aux Herbes in Uzès.

  •  Uzès photo uzes0043b.jpg

    5/16. Large fountain and kids in Uzès' Place aux Herbes.

  •  Uzès photo uzes0054b.jpg

    6/16. An excellent restaurant-wine bar on the Place Gambetta in Uzès.

  •  Uzès photo uzes0064b.jpg

    7/16. Uzès Place aux Herbes arcades at night.

  •  Uzès photo uzes0125b.jpg

    8/16. Uzès market Saturday on the Place aux Herbes.

  •  Uzès photo uzes0085b.jpg

    9/16. Towers at the Duchy palace in the center of Uzès. Left: Vicomté tower (King's tower/Royal tower); center-behind: Bishop tower (clock tower); right, foreground: Bermonde tower (castle keep)

  •  Uzès photo uzes0089b.jpg

    10/16. A medieval street in the heart of Uzès old town.

  •  Uzès photo uzes0107b.jpg

    11/16. Cobblestoned entrance to the Medieval Garden and King's Tower in Uzès.

  •  Uzès photo uzes0116b.jpg

    12/16. Clock and belfry on top of the St-Etienne church tower.

  •  Uzès photo uzes0119b.jpg

    13/16. What appears to be a Wallace fountain in Uzès, like those in Paris.

  •  Uzès photo uzes0394b.jpg

    14/16. Uzès lavoir exterior, on Chemin André Gide

  •  Uzès photo uzes0404b.jpg

    15/16. Uzès lavoir inside, on Chemin André Gide

  •  Uzès photo uzesborie0004b.jpg

    16/16. Dry-stone borie north of Uzès. Bories in this area are called Capitelles.


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