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Utelle Hike Photo Gallery

  •  Utelle Hike photo utellehike0005b.jpg

    1/12. North of Utelle village at borne 112. The GR5 continues onward and upward; our trail goes to the right, no climbing yet.

  •  Utelle Hike photo utellehike0010b.jpg

    2/12. The first bit of sunrise shines redly on the trail north.

  •  Utelle Hike photo utellehike0021b.jpg

    3/12. Look south over the Vesubie valley. Sunrise just starting to light the forested mountain side.

  •  Utelle Hike photo utellehike0027b.jpg

    4/12. Looking back south at Utelle village after sunrise. The Santuaire de la Madone d'Utelle is the pink building (or dot) on the hilltop at the far right.

  •  Utelle Hike photo utellehike0038b.jpg

    5/12. A shady, grassy trail from Utelle leading down towards the little rivers before Le Figaret.

  •  Utelle Hike photo utellehike0058b.jpg

    6/12. Coming down the mountain to St Honorat beside Le Figaret. House and church steeple in the middle (church behind the trees) and cemetery at the left.

  •  Utelle Hike photo utellehike0082b.jpg

    7/12. Le Figaret, the hamlet just down the road from the St Honorat church and cemetery. And the mountains in the northeast, up the Vesubie valley.

  •  Utelle Hike photo utellehike0098b.jpg

    8/12. St Honorat garden, across from the front door of the St Honorat church. The trail south, towards Utelle, goes along the right-hand edge of this garden and out past the base of the cliffs.

  •  Utelle Hike photo utellehike0108b.jpg

    9/12. A glimps down into the Vesubie gorge. The road cross back and forth over the Vesubie river on its way up to St Martin-Vesubie.

  •  Utelle Hike photo utellehike0141b.jpg

    10/12. A stone house lost in a little river valley at Sanibergue. Not even a hamlet, but a place in the woods, northeast of Utelle and northwest of Saint Jean-la-Rivière.

  •  Utelle Hike photo utellehike0143b.jpg

    11/12. Borne 12, near the lower part of the switch-back road up to Utelle. The shady hiking is over, and it's a hot trudge now up to the village.

  •  Utelle Hike photo utelle-hike-map.jpg

    12/12. Hiking map Utelle, St-Honorat, Le Figaret loop

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