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Tresques Photo Gallery

  •  Tresques photo tresques0042b.jpg

    1/14. The very ornate campanile on top of the Tresques church bell tower

  •  Tresques photo tresques0062b.jpg

    2/14. Tresques viewed from the neighboring village of Saint Pons-la-Calm

  •  Tresques photo tresques0029-31b.jpg

    3/14. Panorama of Tresques village, looking north from the top of the lookout tower

  •  Tresques photo tresques0033b.jpg

    4/14. Center of Tresques viewed from above; the covered lavoir in the center

  •  Tresques photo tresques0018b.jpg

    5/14. A narrow street in the village of Tresques

  •  Tresques photo tresques0021b.jpg

    6/14. Tresque commerce: grocery store magazine shop

  •  Tresques photo tresques0003b.jpg

    7/14. The main Tresques fountain in front of the pharmacy, used by all for home drinking water

  •  Tresques photo tresques0009b.jpg

    8/14. The old Tresques fountain with double lion-head spigots

  •  Tresques photo tresques0060b.jpg

    9/14. A wall-niche carving on a house in Tresques village

  •  Tresques photo tresques0056b.jpg

    10/14. High defensive walls of the houses along the south side of Tresques village

  •  Tresques photo tresques0044b.jpg

    11/14. The Tresques lookout tower (tour de guet)

  •  Tresques photo tresques-tower0072b.jpg

    12/14. Inside the Tresques village lookout tower

  •  Tresques photo tresques-lavoir0004b.jpg

    13/14. Large covered lavoir in the center of Tresques village

  •  Tresques photo tresques-lavoir0011b.jpg

    14/14. Interior of the Tresques village lavoir

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