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Tourves Photo Gallery

  •  Tourves photo tourves0043b.jpg

    1/16. L'Annonciade church in Tourves. With a very nice campanile on top of the bell tower.

  •  Tourves photo tourves0002b.jpg

    2/16. Ancient doorway at the side of Tourves' Eglise de L'Annonciade.

  •  Tourves photo tourves-external0002b.jpg

    3/16. Tourves village and roofs. Viewed from the Notre Dame de la Salette chapel.

  •  Tourves photo tourves0018b.jpg

    4/16. Market day in Tourves.

  •  Tourves photo tourves0005b.jpg

    5/16. A village street near the center of Tourves.

  •  Tourves photo tourves-fountain0011b.jpg

    6/16. fountain on the main square of Tourves. The Hotel de Ville (town hall) is behind at the left.

  •  Tourves photo tourves-fountain0003b.jpg

    7/16. The "5-heads" fountain in Tourves. Fountain de l'Eglise de l'Annonciade.

  •  Tourves photo tourves-fountain0010b.jpg

    8/16. The Fontain du Can in Tourves.

  •  Tourves photo tourves-st-maurice0003b.jpg

    9/16. Saint Maurice chapel in Tourves. Small and closed, but surrounded by anceint headstones.

  •  Tourves photo tourves-valbelle0004b.jpg

    10/16. Chateau Valbelle of Tourves.

  •  Tourves photo tourves-valbelle0029b.jpg

    11/16. Obelisque at the Chateau Valbelle site in Tourves. And a view down to the village.

  •  Tourves photo tourves-cat0016b.jpg

    12/16. Cat guide for the Chateau Valbelle walk in Tourves. He walked with us from town, explored the chateau area and back down to town.

  •  Tourves photo tourves-notre-dame0020b.jpg

    13/16. Notre Dame de la Salette chapel of Tourves. Just south of town, out past the stade.

  •  Tourves photo tourves-small-chapel0007b.jpg

    14/16. A simple little chapel at the south edge of Tourves.

  •  Tourves photo tourves-st-probace0025b.jpg

    15/16. Saint Probace Chapel in the hills south of Tourves.

  •  Tourves photo tourves-roman-bridge0018b.jpg

    16/16. The Roman bridge across the Caramy river, south of Tourves.

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