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Tende Photo Gallery

  •  Tende photo tende073.jpg

    1/12. The village viewed from the south. We took this photo in the Autumn of 1997.

  •  Tende photo tende0001.jpg

    2/12. The village, with snowy mountians to the north. The Collégiale Notre-Dame de l'Assomption bell-tower at the left. The "onion" spire lower-right is on the Chapelle des Penitents Noirs.

  •  Tende photo tende0007.jpg

    3/12. Closer view of the village and its towers. An old sundial is on the bottom of the left bell-tower.

  •  Tende photo tende0006.jpg

    4/12. Bright tower sundial and village balconies. The base of the Collégiale Notre-Dame de l'Assomption bell-tower is bright, but the sundial isn't very useful without its gnomon (pointer).

  •  Tende photo tende0058.jpg

    5/12. The "needle" ruin, and view north. Standing by the cemetery above the town, this is all that remains of the 14th-c Château des Lascaris de Vintimille, destroyed in 1692.

  •  Tende photo tende0052.jpg

    6/12. Village, viaduct and view north. From the village, the railway viaduct crosses the valley towards the station at the left.

  •  Tende photo tende0044.jpg

    7/12. Green schist doorways on village street. These doorways are carved from large pieces of the "schiste verte"; the house is being renovated inside.

  •  Tende photo tende0021.jpg

    8/12. A very ancient doorway. This lintel has latin inscriptions; this and others in Tende date from the 14th to 17th centuries.

  •  Tende photo tende0094.jpg

    9/12. Small fountain. Beside a trail/road leading out the town into the hills.

  •  Tende photo tende0016.jpg

    10/12. Colorful 15th-c church and clock-tower. The 15th-century Collégiale Notre-Dame de l'Assomption; looking towards the southern part of the town.

  •  Tende photo tende0060.jpg

    11/12. Town roofs and Roya valley to the south.

  •  Tende photo tende0028.jpg

    12/12. Eglise Saint Michel.

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