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Tavel Photo Gallery

  •  Tavel photo tavel0059b.jpg

    1/20. The all stone and cobblestone Place de la Fontaine in Tavel

  •  Tavel photo tavel0069b.jpg

    2/20. The ancient stone fountain in the Place de la Fontaine of Tavel village

  •  Tavel photo tavel0071b.jpg

    3/20. Face spigots and basin of Tavel's old fountain

  •  Tavel photo tavel0010b.jpg

    4/20. Tavel village main street; one café-restaurant on the right, two others on the left

  •  Tavel photo tavel0013b.jpg

    5/20. One of two village boulangeries (bakeries) in Tavel

  •  Tavel photo tavel0087b.jpg

    6/20. One of the terrace café-restaurants grouped in the center of Tavel village

  •  Tavel photo tavel0034b.jpg

    7/20. This Tavel produce shop is typical of Provence villages, with fruit and vegetables from local gardens

  •  Tavel photo tavel0022b.jpg

    8/20. This classic 19th-century house in the center of Tavel village is for sale (2015)

  •  Tavel photo tavel0028b.jpg

    9/20. A Tavel village resident with personal transportation

  •  Tavel photo tavel0019b.jpg

    10/20. Front of Tavel's 18th-century village church

  •  Tavel photo tavel-lavoir0004b.jpg

    11/20. Tavel covered lavoir with the village market-gardens behind

  •  Tavel photo tavel-lavoir0006b.jpg

    12/20. The Tavel lavoir, decorated with Tavel wine bottles for the village festival

  •  Tavel photo tavel0109b.jpg

    13/20. The Tavel village church viewed from the gardens behind the lavoir

  •  Tavel photo tavel0089b.jpg

    14/20. Part of the Tavel market-garden area, with stone wall seperators

  •  Tavel photo tavel-signs0001b.jpg

    15/20. Iron shop sign for a Tavel winery

  •  Tavel photo tavel-signs0004b.jpg

    16/20. An old pharmacy hanging sign in the village of Tavel

  •  Tavel photo tavel-signs0005b.jpg

    17/20. A detailed hanging iron sign for a hostellery in Tavel

  •  Tavel photo tavel-signs0008b.jpg

    18/20. An elaborate hanging iron sign for a Tavel village restaurant

  •  Tavel photo tavel0085b.jpg

    19/20. Ancient window and shutters in Tavel village

  •  Tavel photo tavel0041b.jpg

    20/20. An ancient Dragor water pump in Tavel; like the one in the village of Fontvieille

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