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Taulignan Photo Gallery

  •  Taulignan photo taulignan0003b.jpg

    1/13. Taulignan village viewed from across lavender fields

  •  Taulignan photo taulignan0005b.jpg

    2/13. Medieval walled entrance to Taulignan village

  •  Taulignan photo taulignan0019b.jpg

    3/13. Defensive stone walls and tower of Taulignan

  •  Taulignan photo taulignan0025b.jpg

    4/13. Ancient houses built into the defensive walls of Taulignan

  •  Taulignan photo taulignan0030b.jpg

    5/13. Walled houses, tower and restaurant at the west side of Taulignan

  •  Taulignan photo taulignan0031b.jpg

    6/13. The old silk factory of Taulignan

  •  Taulignan photo taulignan0032b.jpg

    7/13. Taulignan's silk-factory museum and the town hall

  •  Taulignan photo taulignan0038b.jpg

    8/13. A Dubonnet wall poster in Taulignan from a previous era

  •  Taulignan photo taulignan0041b.jpg

    9/13. One of the Medieval style houses that walled the ancient Taulignan

  •  Taulignan photo taulignan0045b.jpg

    10/13. This was the previous town hall of Taulignan

  •  Taulignan photo taulignan0048b.jpg

    11/13. Icicles show just how cold it can be in Taulignan on a sunny midday in January

  •  Taulignan photo taulignan0053b.jpg

    12/13. Two of the guard towers on the east side of Taulignan

  •  Taulignan photo taulignan0013b.jpg

    13/13. This weighbridge of Taulignan was installed in 1855 - Replacing the 1834 model, it was used until 1984.

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