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Sumène Photo Gallery

  •  Sumène photo sumene0025b.jpg

    1/21. The part of Sumène village on the west side of the Rieutord

  •  Sumène photo sumene0006b.jpg

    2/21. Sumène village tucked in the forested hills on the edge of the Cévennes

  •  Sumène photo sumene0013b.jpg

    3/21. Aerial view of Sumène village on the Rieutord river

  •  Sumène photo sumene0033b.jpg

    4/21. Sumène, looking north from the main bridge at the south end of the village

  •  Sumène photo sumene0058b.jpg

    5/21. Stone bridge between the two halves of Sumène village

  •  Sumène photo sumene0126b.jpg

    6/21. Stone bridge connecting east and west Sumène, through medieval towers at the left side

  •  Sumène photo sumene0107b.jpg

    7/21. Part of the north end of Sumène village and stone bridge across a small tributary river

  •  Sumène photo sumene0145b.jpg

    8/21. Stone bridge on the little tributary in the north part of Sumène village

  •  Sumène photo sumene0111b.jpg

    9/21. Looking south down the Rieutord river through the village of Sumène

  •  Sumène photo sumene0152b.jpg

    10/21. An old part of Sumène village with the clock tower and campanile

  •  Sumène photo sumene0044b.jpg

    11/21. A Sumène village street and the old clock tower with campanile

  •  Sumène photo sumene0081b.jpg

    12/21. Sumène village street and a woman walking

  •  Sumène photo sumene0234b.jpg

    13/21. A separation of generations in a Sumène village street

  •  Sumène photo sumene0067b.jpg

    14/21. The Sumène office de tourisme, in the old town hall building

  •  Sumène photo sumene0049b.jpg

    15/21. An ancient Dubonnet sign in the village of Sumène

  •  Sumène photo sumene0054b.jpg

    16/21. The Fountainhead in Sumène: the head at the fountain of the main square on the west side

  •  Sumène photo sumene-clockmaker0014b.jpg

    17/21. Bell ringing clockworks in the shop of Sumène's master clockmaker

  •  Sumène photo sumene-sundial0012b.jpg

    18/21. Sundial above the master clockmaker's shop in Sumène

  •  Sumène photo sumene-sundial0007b.jpg

    19/21. Sundial at the village square in Sumène

  •  Sumène photo sumene-cat0016b.jpg

    20/21. Sumène village cat, flluffy and peaceful

  •  Sumène photo sumene-cat0017b.jpg

    21/21. Sumène village cat, with a "don't mess with me" look

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