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Saint Chamas Photo Gallery

  •  Saint Chamas photo stchamas095b.jpg

    1/7. Pont Flavien Roman arches

  •  Saint Chamas photo stchamas096b.jpg

    2/7. Pont Flavien Roman arches text closeup

  •  Saint Chamas photo stchamas097b.jpg

    3/7. Pont Flavien Roman arches road surface

  •  Saint Chamas photo stchamas034b.jpg

    4/7. Street, wall of fortified St Chamas.

  •  Saint Chamas photo stchamas036b.jpg

    5/7. Troglodyte cliff dwellings

  •  Saint Chamas photo stchamas038b.jpg

    6/7. St Chamas fishing port, fishermen.

  •  Saint Chamas photo stchamas041b.jpg

    7/7. Rooftops, "comb" layout streets

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