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Serres Aude Photo Gallery

  •  Serres Aude photo serresaude0008b.jpg

    1/8. A calm stretch of the Salz [Sals] river at Serres, and the lovely humpback stone bridge.

  •  Serres Aude photo serresaude0016b.jpg

    2/8. The 'Roman' bridge in the village of Serres (Aude).

  •  Serres Aude photo serresaude0002b.jpg

    3/8. The edge of Serres (Aude) village and the 'chateau' at the top.

  •  Serres Aude photo serresaude0006b.jpg

    4/8. Serres (Aude) main street - the road into (and almost through) the village heading east.

  •  Serres Aude photo serresaude0053b.jpg

    5/8. The Serres (Aude) theatre, looking a bit like a jail, with the bars.

  •  Serres Aude photo serresaude0019b.jpg

    6/8. Trail markers (at the far right) in Serres (Aude). The top points left for the Sentier des Terres rouges, down the lovely shady path along the river; the bottom points right for the 'Cardou' peak in the forest to the south.

  •  Serres Aude photo serresaude0047b.jpg

    7/8. A dusty track that goes north from Serres (Aude) to the village hamlet of Peyrolles.

  •  Serres Aude photo serresaude0035b.jpg

    8/8. A meridian marker beside the stone bridge in Serres (Aude). It's not a true norht-south meridian, but it apparently puts Serres (longitude 2deg 19'25) on a line between Dunkerque (2-22'36) and Barcelona (2-10'11).

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