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Serpent Photo Gallery

  •  Serpent photo serpent0020b.jpg

    1/6. The 17th-century chateau at La Serpent.

  •  Serpent photo serpent0017b.jpg

    2/6. Approaching La Serpent village from the southeast, on a picture-perfect day.

  •  Serpent photo serpent0007b.jpg

    3/6. Fields of sunflowers and rolling hills with ancient windmill towers beside La Serpent village.

  •  Serpent photo serpent0002b.jpg

    4/6. Old, gray buildings in La Serpent village.

  •  Serpent photo serpent0005b.jpg

    5/6. The proud trophies of a wild-boar (sanglier) hunter on a barn in the village of La Serpent.

  •  Serpent photo serpent-sundial0005b.jpg

    6/6. An old house in La Serpent village with a very old and very worn sundial.

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