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Séguret Photo Gallery

  •  Séguret photo seguret0036b.jpg

    1/11. Séguret village is built along the base of the hill, with a watch tower at the top

  •  Séguret photo seguret0001b.jpg

    2/11. Portail Renier is the Medieval fortified entry at the north end of Séguret village

  •  Séguret photo seguret0006b.jpg

    3/11. Ancient cobblestone Rue des Poternes heading up into the center of Séguret village

  •  Séguret photo seguret0009b.jpg

    4/11. Compact center of Séguret, with village bell tower and one-handed clock

  •  Séguret photo seguret0011b.jpg

    5/11. The village lavoir of Séguret in a stone and pillared nook.

  •  Séguret photo seguret0012b.jpg

    6/11. The 16th-century Fontaine des Mascarons of Séguret, with its stone carved mask-faces

  •  Séguret photo seguret0022b.jpg

    7/11. The 17th-century bell tower of Séguret has a unique one-handed clock, installed in 1660

  •  Séguret photo seguret0013b.jpg

    8/11. A master Santonnier in Séguret makes the famous Provencal clay figurines

  •  Séguret photo seguret0018b.jpg

    9/11. The 13th-century Eglise Saint-Denise of Séguret, rebuilt from an earlier 10th-century version

  •  Séguret photo seguret0021b.jpg

    10/11. View northwest across the top of Séguret village

  •  Séguret photo seguret0029b.jpg

    11/11. East across the vineyards, Séguret village is tucked around the base of the south hill

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